Thursday, February 26, 2009

Energy Monitors

New No Rio is designed to be built and operated with a minimal impact to the environment. The building will be constructed of or contain many of the now standard sustainable building features. One of the more technical aspects, and also where EWB-NY has a larger stake, is with the building MEP systems.

EnergyFlow Monitor

As a means to measure and verify building performance, and also as a tool to educate the building users and general public, we are recommending the installation of a Noveda energy monitor. Installed in the main lobby or other central location, Noveda offers software that is visually engaging and clearly demonstrates energy consumption patterns.

Carbon Footprint Monitor

SunFlow Monitor

Products offered by Noveda include EnergyFlow Monitor, Facilimetrix, SunFlow Monitor, and Carbon Footprint Monitor. Noveda's products offer the following:

- Monitor and track whole building energy consumption
- Benchmark building's current energy consumption against a comparative Energy Star building model, building energy model, previous utility bills, or energy reduction target
- Store historical data and reports of electrical consumption, demand, weather and other critical elements
- Establish your building's carbon footprint
- Track the impact of energy savings initiatives
- Achieve LEED performance measurement, enhanced metering and measurement, and verification credits
- Inspire employees to conserve energy

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