Friday, October 3, 2008

Working Groups

Autonomous working groups
Project Team Begins Preliminary Design Phase, Forms Working Groups

At our second meeting, we formed smaller Working Groups. The meeting was held on 10/2 at Phebe's Bar, and the informal vibe helped the group members to get acquainted and plan the next steps for the project.

Each Working Group is focused on a particular aspect of the project. Paul suggested we should aim to deliver preliminary calculations, drawings, and cost estimates by end of December. Working Groups can coordinate and share documents using our new project website:

The Working Groups include:
    + Mechanical: Heating & Ventilation
    + Solar photovoltaic, lighting, and misc. electrical
    + Green roof
    + Water conservation: site/civil, storm water, & water efficiency
    + LEED Application
    + Structural (facade & roof)
Volunteers needed for:
    + Acoustic, noise control
    + Sprinkler
    + Insulation system
The team is off to a great start, and there is still room for more volunteers. Email me if you are interested in lending a hand. The next project meeting will be announced by 10/15.