Friday, August 1, 2008

Project Presentation

Project architect Paul Castrucci presents ABC No Rio project to Engineers Without Borders

Paul presented the project, along with associate architect Grayson Jordan, during the EWB Chapter meeting yesterday. Castrucci Architects are serving as ABC No Rio's architectural consultants, and we are excited to be collaborating with them. Paul has over twenty years experience, and has designed or renovated over 1,000 dwelling units and numerous historic buildings and cultural institutions. Paul specializes in contextual, sustainable and energy-efficient design. One of his buildings can be seen right down the block at 179 Rivington Street.

Paul has also been involved in the cultural milieu of which ABC No Rio is part. He was co-founder of the Bullet Space gallery and squat and is the architect for several of the formerly squatted buildings on the Lower East Side now being developed as limited-equity coops. Paul's commitment to sustainable and energy-efficient design resonates with ABC No Rio's institutional values. His understanding of what is unique about ABC No Rio serves us well in designing a new space for our projects and programs.